DIY: Play Kitchen

Are you following my tweets? All the cool people are. Just saying. Anyways, for those who aren’t following the Shannon daily play by play… I tweeted this this morning:

Now everyone in their best Oprah voice, all together now- We started building the KiiiTCHEEeeeeeeNN!

YEAH! Look what good wonderful things can happen when you play the “It is our anniversary card.” (Six years and counting. BAM!)

*disclaimer- it is almost my bed time. We spent the day out in the hot heat. And I just spent an hour and a half getting all worked up over The Glee Project with Beth. I am feeling a bit… silly for lack of a better word.

Again… Anyways… Back to the Kitchen. This is what we are working on now.

Isn’t it fabulous! I used IKEA’s website to work out the specs. We are going to knock out the wall between the kitchen and the formal dinning room. It will make one HUGE kitchen! As Emirl would say (while cooking in our awesome kitchen!) BAM! We will build a window seat/storage bench to go under the window. The island is hard to see because of the fridge and cabinets but that is where the stove will be. The island will be dark wood to match our existing cabinets around the fridge.

Dream kitchen, right? And it will have to stay a dream for a bit longer. Maybe if we are still in this house on our 10th anniversay…

The plywood we bought wasn’t for my HUGE dream kitchen, it was for my mini dream kitchen. And by my mini dream kitchen I mean, the kids’ dream play kitchen. Because it is all about the kids (and nothing about my need to do projects! And for the record that comes from my mom, so we can all collectively blame her. I do.)

After all the cuts have been made

Pre-drilling with the Kreg Jig

And this is where we are at the end of the day. Behold from right to left. Stove. Sink. Cabinet.

And of course the fridge.

Plans by Ana White, DIY goddess. We made the sink per her plans and made a few modifications to the stove to make it a bit wider. The cabinet is based off the sink (obviously) but we modified it just a bit so we can put a door on the front. The fridge will be made to her specs exactly. Can’t wait to work on them all again tomorrow. We have to call it quits when the boys go to bed because their room over looks the deck and since the boys can’t resist being a part of the action… building time ends at 7pm.

It goes without saying, or at least it should but I still feel like a public shout out needs to be made, we could not have gotten all this accomplished without Beth here helping out with the kids. So thanks Beth. You are the best!



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