Today Elise is getting some 1 year pics taken by our neighbor, Colleen McKenzie. I am going to try and get the boys into a couple of the shots too because well, that is what I do. I try and torture my children as much as possible in order to get a good photo.

Instead of the normal matching/coordinating outfits I decided to go with their number shirts. The kids love them and I think they are cute.

I laid out the shirts last night and before going up to bed Tim and I stood over the lineup. It should have been a nice moment of reflecting about how we have three kids. How in just 5 short years we have become parents of three kids. A moment of crazy, holy crap… we have three kids!

Instead of that, after a moment of silence Tim looked at me and said, “If there was a two in there we would have the fibonacci sequence.

I laughed and countered, “I was just thinking that if we had an eight we would have an arpeggio

It is that balance that will help our kids survive and flourish even if Tim and I are the extreme of two completely different stereotypes – our kids will have balance.

*upon wiki-ing arpeggio I realized that I was wrong and that all you need is the 1,3 & 5. I wouldn’t want to start a riot with the two Music Majors in our family. No need to boycott the website because of my incorrect music theology. In my defense though I believe I learned what an arpeggio was in the Disney Classic, Aristocats!

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