Driving Dialogue

This morning’s Q&A on the way to the Y was all about our pending trip to Duluth. The boys are so excited to see the big ship and draw bridge. I don’t know what they are more excited about, seeing the ship or seeing Nama and Papa. Not much compares to the excitement of seeing Papa so the fact that the ship might surpass the excitement of Papa is something worth mentioning.

The conversation quickly turned to how long the drive to Duluth would be. I explained to them that it was a shorter drive than going to Grandma and Grandpa Shannons but longer than going to the Mall of America or IKEA (yeah, I know. We frequent IKEA that often. Judge all you want but the boys love the ball pit and I am having an affair with their modern and inexpensive home furnishings). Of course my description wasn’t enough for them so I had to break it down into Pixar language.

Me: “When we drive to Duluth we can watch Toy Story I and Toy Story II and we will be there!”

Michael: “But I like Toy Story III better. If we watch that will Duluth be farther away?”

Me: “No. Duluth won’t be farther away. We can watch any two long movies and then we will there?”

Michael: “Can we watch two short movies and then be there?”

Me: “No that isn’t how it works. It takes almost 3 hours to get there. That is 2 movies long.”

Michael: “Because God made it 2 movies away?”

Me: “Yes. Because God made it 2 movies away.”

Can you blame me? The questions don’t seem to end until we get to God because to Michael, it is always a religious thing!

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