Summer Preschool

Monday and Wednesday of this week the boys went to summer preschool. They will go again tomorrow and next week they will be on the same schedule. This week has been a peek into what life will be like when school starts in just a few short weeks.

The only difference will be that this fall Michael will be going to our neighborhood elementary school for another year of preschool and Patrick will be going to the Y Preschool by himself. It will be weird sending them off in different directions and timing wise it will be a nightmare since Michael gets on the bus at about the same time Patrick’s school starts in the neighboring town. I am not thinking about the logistics quite yet. For now I am focusing on the fact that my boys will be in school! Michael for 4 days a week and Patrick for 3.

The boys love school. Preschool morning is an exciting morning in our house. The boys jump for joy when they see me pack their little lunch boxes into their backpacks that are almost bigger than them. This week they have made pin wheels that they have been carrying around with them everywhere. Michael got into a heated discussion with his teacher over whether or not Swedish Fish was a desert or not. Patrick made “lots of friends.” They went swimming. They love preschool.

I am excited for fall school to start and for all of us to settle into the new routine. I can’t believe they will both be in school.

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