Wherein batteries kept me from capturing 1,000+ words

Blasted camera batteries ran out of juice just a few snaps into what could have been a fantastic “photo shoot” on the Duluth Lake Superior shore.

I usually depend on photos to tell the story. I will try and not pull a Beth (who is notorious for her unending stories) and describe to you our Saturday on “the coast” Or as close to a coast like feeling you can have in Minnesota!

We drove and drove to get to Beth’s new place in Duluth. We got there and unloaded all her stuff that she left at our place. The kiddos played with Nama and Papa while Tim and I worked on putting together a media stand with IKEA picture instructions.

We ate some lunch served by the oddest – not in a good way – waitress.

When Beth got back from work we all loaded up and headed down to Canal Park. The drive was 15 minutes at most and it took us longer to park than to get from Beth’s to the shore. SO jealous. I didn’t realize how much I missed the water. Growing up we spent most of our summer weekends at the lake. Beth and I both have so many fond memories from those weekends. I could tell right away that the boys would be the same way.

They love LOVE the water.

Here are a few of the photos I was able to take before the camera batteries let me down- Tim would most likely add that I threw a bit of a tantrum and sulked for quite a while because of the dead camera batteries- Luckily my mom let me use her camera and I was able to take a few photos. I don’t have those photos yet, but when I do, I will share them.

a few more but not as many as I would have liked – yeah I am still pouting – here.

We will be going back. I don’t know when but hopefully soon. It was so much fun and there is so much to do and see AND so many more photos that need to be taken! Maybe we could spend Patrick’s Birthday weekend there….

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