Family Portrait

I really like this photo. I can’t remember if it was Beth or my Mom who snapped the pictures.

What I like about this picture is that everyone is in the shot. That is harder than you would think to accomplish. No one is screaming or crying. Elise is a little nervous. The sound of the waves crashing scared her a little so she isn’t wearing her sweet smile but you can still see her face. You can’t see Michael’s face but he isn’t trying to actively run away and I love how he is perched on Tim’s shoulders so I will take it.

Patrick is what I find the most humerus in this shot. He DID NOT want to stand there. There were sticks to be thrown into the waves and it was his job to make sure they got thrown. It was an important job that he felt very strongly about. He is usually pretty cooperative with photos – for being 3 – but those waves were calling his name.

What I find so funny about Patrick is that if you just take a quick look at the photo it seems like a nice family picture with distracted kids. Unintentionally – or very intentionally and kudos to the photographer – it looks like Tim and I are sweetly holding hands behind Patrick. The truth that the photo doesn’t show is that both Tim and I are very tightly holding onto the hood on Patrick’s sweatshirt. You can only tell that we are doing this if you look at the very taut fleece around his neck.We weren’t able to hold him there long but it was long enough to get this shot and that is all that matters.

Go ahead and scroll up and look again….

You back? Ok.

Well there it is. The truth behind my favorite Family Portrait of us to date.

Thanks to whoever took the photo. I was too busy strangling my son for a photo op to register -let alone remember – who was snapping away!

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