5 degrees

Remember this To-Do list?

Yeah well I finally finished the 5 degree quilt and gifted it away yesterday. Finally.

It turned out pretty good. I really liked it.

If you are wondering why the 5 degrees, let me explain. At the AGM this year I was drinking and then drinking a bit more and talking to Tim’s (1) boss’s (2) wife (3) and she was excitedly telling me about her daughter (4) being pregnant with a baby girl (5).

I was excited for her. It would be her first Grandbaby and she was stoked. The excitment got a little carried away when she started telling me about the colors of the nursery and on that cloud of drunken excitement I said, “Every baby should have a quilt. I am going to make her one.”

One drunken promise in May led to this:

It didn’t take 3 months to make. I probably could have finished it in a weekend if I didn’t have 3 kids running around. But it is done now and I can move onto something else… skirt for the play kitchen sink perhaps?!

SIDENOTE:Grandma if you are reading this you will notice the binding… I am getting better but still could use help. Next time I am in Minot can we have a sewing date?!

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