Mommy’s Weekend Out

Starting tomorrow at 10am I will not be Mommy and I will not be wife. Tomorrow at 10am I will be magically transported into the world of girl friends.

That’s right. It is Girl’s Weekend!

I will be driving to Fargo to pick up Christine and then we will head to Grand Forks for the weekend. We have big exciting plans. We will be gossiping – probably about you, my loving family who reads this blog – we will go shopping, we will be hanging out in sweats, we will be going to see The Help because every good Girl’s Weekend needs a chick flic!

I can’t wait. I am heading out to Trader Joes to pick up 3 Buck Chuck this morning. 3 Buck Chuck is essential for Girl’s Weekend. Maybe I will pick up some chocolate too… I think that might be just as -if not more- essential!

So stoked to take off my Mommy hat for a few days. I am off to pack sweat pants and buy wine and chocolate!

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