Off Duty

In 2 1/2 hours I am off duty. Tim and I are going to squeeze a work out and a trip to Target in before I head out.
I am sure Tim will fill all his spare time updating the blog so you know how his very own Mr. Mom weekend is going.
I am feeling guilty. This morning Elise wigged out of Tim’s arms and into mine while saying “Mama” in the most direct – not jut baby babble – way so far. She hit a milestone and I am leaving.
Another thing to feel guilty about, yesterday I told Michael I was leaving and he looked at me with sad almost tearful eyes and said, “You aren’t going to be our Mommy anymore?” Ouch. Knife to the heart.
BUT all that guilt is not enough to make me cancel the weekend. It actually doesn’t even tempt me the slightest. I need this weekend so I can be a better mom and wife because if I don’t get away I am going to start spanking my kids and kicking Tim in the shin!

See you soon Jess and Christine! See you later kids and husband!

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