Grandma Shannon comes to town

Ruth spent Sunday night through early early this morning with us.

The house has never been cleaner.

We have never been this organized.

The kids had a blast.

I relished having the extra set of hands. I was able to go to the Y with out the kids. I built, primed and painted a shelf for the office in a day. I was able to battle the Japanese Beetle (I think I am winning the war but I am not sure if my roses will be a casualty of said war) with out having to worry about the kids rolling and frolicking in dangerous chemicals!

Thanks Ruth!

Elise eating ruhbarb.

Elise conquering stairs.

Boys playing Mighty Machines (Don’t know what that is? If you have boys- look it up!)

There are not nearly as many photos as there should be. I blame Ruth. As soon as we finished one project she was asking what we could do next. You can find the rest of the photos that I snuck off (read- took a break from the fast paced efficiency of Ruth cleaning/organizing) to snap here.

On day 1, 2 & 3 we worked. On the 4th day when Ruth left. I rested. I am sure that is what God had planned for me!

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