Labor Day with the Shannons

We played.

Zeke learned the correct path that the dump trucks follow.

Mighty Machines was watched, played and talked about.

The big boys (and I have to admit- me too) Minecrafted.

*if you look close you can see the shelf I built when Ruth was here last week.

Tim fixed computers.

Ben Minecrafted. A lot. After all, a city is under construction and it isn’t going to build itself!

This is what the boys cleverly called “Jump on the bed game.”

Elise smiled and laughed all weekend. She had a blast with all the excitement.

Zach practiced crawling.

We went to the park.


Even Beth drove up for the fun. I love having her so close!!

Zach ate woodchips.

And they broke in their new pillow beds with the game they called, “Slide down on the pillow bed game” Creative, right?!

Elise watched the chaos safely from her perch.

And “Slide down on the pillow bed game” in action.

Don’t worry. None of them were hurt that bad.

Want more photos? Greedy much? That wasn’t enough? Then go here.



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