I just served myself the last of the leftovers from last week. I was pumped to finished off the tupperware but as the microwaved heated up my bowl of mush I began to think.

Now that I finished the leftovers I will have to cook.

If I cook  I will have to do dishes.

I will have to let the kids play by themselves if I want to get the dishes done.

If the kids play by themselves they will make a mess.

If they make a mess I will have to supervise them cleaning up the mess.

If I supervise them cleaning up the mess I will forget that I am cooking (because I always forget to set the timer) and dinner will burn.

If I burn the food I will have to eat leftover burnt food for the week.

The cherry on top? My baby boy is all grown up and doesn’t need me anymore.

Life is looking pretty bleak this afternoon.

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