1st Day 2nd Year

A sulky Patrick seems to be a theme in photos recently.

Patrick was really bummed about not going to school with Michael today so Michael sat down next to him and told him all about how much fun Y preschool is and that he gets to go again tomorrow. Michael is growing into such a great big brother.

Anyone else think that it is time for some new pants for Patrick?

Michael has grown up so much. I love how he used his own logic to comfort Patrick. Michael showing empathy for Patrick is proof of how far he has come since last year at this time. He isn’t just a bossy older brother. He has matured into a leader.I was snapping photos so I didn’t get a video of Michael comforting Patrick but I did take a quick video of what Michael expects to do today.

more photos here

6 thoughts on “1st Day 2nd Year

  1. Beth

    Love it! Did you notice Michael has the Clutes’ turn out in the feet?! That’s the first thing I noticed (after noticing how he looked of course)!

  2. Tim

    I would say that’s a disadvantage, but Patrick is the one who trips over his own feet all of the time (like his dad).

  3. Tim

    Well, it seems to be working. I’m not sure why the other email address didn’t. I’ll keep looking into it.

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