The reason we do this blog is because I don’t want to scrapbook.

This is my scrap book to the kids. I blog their milestones. I post funny photos of moments that I wish I will never forget but I am well aware that they will fade to a fuzzy memory someday. I transcribe their fantastically, one of a kind kid quotes so they can laugh at themselves and each other when they are older.

I write this blog so when our kids have kids of their own they will have a smidge of an idea of what it was like for us to raise them. In return I expect them to shower me with praise and gifts for raising them to be such wonderful, well rounded, contributing adults in society. (Side note- I am well aware that they will also use this blog against me but I am hoping that the good out weighs the bad. Besides- by the time they start trying to bill me for their shrink bills they will be well aware that WE are Santa and if they are not good to Santa- Santa will not be good to them!)

So. I write the posts. If you want to contribute to this virtual scrapbook- COMMENT!

People who comment are cool. People who comment will forever be quoted on this site. When Michael, Patrick and Elise read these posts and roll their eyes at their mothers lack of editing while she tries to type out the stream of conscious that is dizzyingly scrambled it will be you – commentators- who bring yet another point of view and help make sense to all the crazy.

Do you have trouble commenting? Here is a quick how-to. If you don’t have trouble commenting, what’s your excuse?!

Find the comment button at the bottom of each post. Hover you mouse arrow over the button – it will turn green (because green is my favorite color and getting comments is my favorite thing). Click the button.

That will take you to the comment page.

Now this is the tricky part. The form is kind of funky in the way that it is laid out. It is hard to tell where and what you are suppose to fill in. Check out the diagram below for help.

You need to fill out the Name (this will be public) and your email address (this will not be public) and of course type in the comment box.

Then all you have to do is click “Submit Comment” and you are done.

Piece of Grandma Moo’s pie (not easy to make- super easy to over eat! The only difference is that if you eat too much pie your stomach will hurt. I promise you will never get a tummy ache from commenting too much. So maybe it isn’t at all like a piece of Grandma Moo’s pie… anyone else craving a slice her apple pie now? Yum.)

There is a tally of the most recent comments on the left hand side bar of the website and we also have a tally of the top commentors. Top commentors is all about quantity not quality. So don’t fear how you sound or your writing ability. Any comment is a good comment.



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