Milestone (?)

This morning I walked into Elise’s room and she squealed with glee. She had been gossiping with her dolly so she was in a pretty chatty mood. When I walked up to the crib I was holding the clean stack of clothes that the boys were going to wear for the day including two pair of socks.

Elise reached out, pointed and touch the sock and said, “Was tat?”

I answered, “Sock.”

She repeated, “SSSsss AaahhhK!

I was sleepy and putting all my energy into greeting her with open eyes and a smile so it took a few minutes to process.

I think my baby asked her first question. I think we had our first conversation. I think she is repeated words back at me. (This is not her first time repeating. Both Tim and I are convinced she repeated “fan” a while back but we weren’t really sure.)

So there you have it. She is stubborn and won’t walk for us but she will chat it up. Maybe Mom and Tim are right, she is becoming more like me every day!

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