Mama. Mommy. Mom. Nama.

My Mama got older today. I guess everyday she gets older but today she turned a year older. I won’t write how old she is because I am a good daughter and I expect her (and the rest of my family) to respect my wishes to keep celebrating my 28th Birthday every year until I die. I don’t know why but for some reason 28 seems to be a good max age for me.

My mom is a little older than 28. The exact number doesn’t matter too much to her but here are a few numbers that might matter:

1: husband that loves her. This is a pretty big deal since statistically speaking sticking with just one spouse is beating the odds. So kudos to one!

2: the number of exquisitely stunning and equally brilliant daughters she has.

3: the number of homes she has lived in since she has been married. I count the cabin because that is more a home to my parents than any house has ever been. I don’t count the camper though because there wasn’t a door to any of the bedrooms that didn’t fold like an accordion!

3 1/2: The number of cheek pinchingly cute grand babies that she has. That half does not represent anyone other than Lucy so hold your gossiping baby announcement tongues. I am not pregnant. My mom does not have another Grandbaby on the way… unless Beth has something to share. I will always consider Lucy to be my Mom’s first grand baby and since Mom spoils her just as much as she does the kids I think it is fair to assume my Mom loves her enough to at least represent her -even if it is just a fraction- in the grand baby count.

4: number of snow shoes needed to go on stress detoxing hikes this winter with Dad.

8: pints to a gallon and more gallons that I can count of canned produce.

23 (rough estimate): number of times I have called her for her scalloped corn recipe. I shouldn’t have listed this one because now Tim will read it and start badgering me for scalloped corn until I have to call mom again for the 24th time for her recipe.

26: First days of school she got Beth and I out the door for.

28: different theatre productions she has sat through.

46: the age she was when she became a Grandma

47: Surprise! She is a Grandma of 2.

99: bottles of beer on the wall. Just joking… wanted to see if you all were still reading.

133: number of stockings she has stuffed in the 30+ years of being married (could be more if the pets growing up had stockings. I don’t remember)

481: the number of miles from the condo to Duluth.

521: the number of miles from the condo to our front door.

Mom – We will see you in 28 days when we drive the 163 miles as you trek the 481 miles so we can all meet up to celebrate Patrick turning 4 on a lake that has 2,726 miles of shoreline.

How’s that for a number meme?!

Happy Birthday Mom. Hope it is a good one.





2 thoughts on “Mama. Mommy. Mom. Nama.

  1. Nama

    Thanks for the nice post. We’re counting the days till we all meet in Duluth – can”t wait! Tonight, however, we’re on the 7pm to 1am shift making Klub for Hostfest – so we’ll be counting the hours till we get to go to bed!

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