I am writing this in a foggy but completely confident, semi conscious and heavily medicated state. I firmly believe that medicated blogging has a higher risk of embarrassment than its partner in crime, drunk dialing/texting. At least when you drunk dial/text only one person hears/reads your rant. That can not be said about blogging under the influence. But against my better judgement I feel the need to share with you all why I am medicated.

Yesterday a doc listened to me hack up a long while I tried to take deep breaths. He diagnosed, just as I predicted he would, that I have Bronchitis. Again.

Because of my doctor is such an astute diagnostician this morning I had 6 different pills to take. My head is slowly turning from pressure packed to swimming in nonsensical circles.

I thought I better get this post out somewhere in between the pressure and the swimming when I am at my sharpest…

The whole house is sick. Michael and Patrick have not gone to school all week. The boys seem do be doing better this morning but they both still have a lingering cough and because getting them to cover their mouth when they cough is a constant nag fest from me, “Gross. Michael cover your mouth when you cough. How many times do I have to tell you?” Seriously, how many times until it sinks in? Mouth covering wise he is batting at about 40% right now and Patrick is much less.EI think Michael forgets and Patrick does it to make his cough that much more dramatic.

Don’t say it. I know. Patrick is my genetic karma.

For whatever reason they don’t cover their mouths, deliberate or not, they shouldn’t be in school spreading the love.

Elise is the picture of a nose dripping disgusting mess. And of course she is personally offended EVERYTIME I wipe her nose.

There should be some sort of scientific law that when a mom is sick the kids can’t be and vise versa. I am so cranky and exhausted that I have a hard time not shouting, “I am sicker than you. I have bronchitis. AGAIN! Suck it up and let me wipe your gross, leaky nose and please at least cover your mouth.” But I don’t. Instead I swing from the extremes of laughing at the ridiculousness of it all to wanting to cry in my bed until sleep takes over.

Yeah. Patrick gets the dramatic side from me.

Tim’s post of us being sick would go a little something like this:

“We are all sick. The boys are staying home from school because they are coughing germs everywhere. Elise is having trouble sleeping because her nose is stuffed and runny at the same time. Meg has bronchitis again.”

Tim took off 3 days last week when all of this was starting. I wish he could take more time off because what I need more than anything is to just rest and stay in bed so I can concentrate on fighting this off. But we have 3 wonderful germy petry dishes so Tim needs to work to pay for the 6 different pills I have to take so I can take care of those petry dishes . Oh how I long for the days where I could sit on the couch, watch bad tv and have a pity party for a few days while I fought of bronchitis (AGAIN!).

So why did I write this post? Mostly because it gives me perspective and makes me laugh and see the ridiculousness of it and I write it to let you all know that the reason we have suddenly dropped off the blogging radar and that we are okay (relatively) and we will be back soon… probably after 10 days of antibiotics with a strong side dish of 200% of my daily vitamin C.

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