How do I do it? This is how.

Earlier today I wrote this Google+ post to my two best ladies.

Yesterday Patrick took my seam ripper from its spot that I thought was out of reach and stabbed our new(ish) basement sectional couch and ripped 3 cushions and an arm rest open.

I sent him to his room and while he was in his room I called our insurance company and the furniture store to ask about our warranty. While I did that Patrick kicked off the back of his bunk bed shelf (one of those particle board backs that you hammer tacks into) grabbed the board and a tack punctured his finger right on the inside joint.

He then bled all over the cream pull out couch/futon that we put into their room for story time.

I called the doctor and he is up to date on his tetanus so i didn’t have to bring him in but I did have to poor alcohol all over the puncture wound that was already swelling and bruising and still bleeding.

I got it cleaned up and bandaged. All the while Elise is crying because it is past her bed time and she is tired and Michael is upset because I told him he had to clean up his legos.


Not everyday is that bad but all of that did happen with in 2 hours. Having three kids in just over 4 years may seem… efficient but I have a more accurate word, crazy. Every day is all about survival. If it isn’t Googling how to stitch up a ripped couch or bandaging a possible tetanus shot needing puncture it is cleaning poo off the walls (which, Thank God, I have not had to do in a long time), figuring out scheduling conflicts, taking the dog to the vet for her thyroid condition, or you know, just a simple day of craniofacial reconstruction. Even getting through a list of errands can be taxing SO… how do we do it?


A whole lot of caffeine.

I used to rely on Diet Coke but I made the switch to iced tea in an effort to be slightly more healthy.

Tim and I never really considered coffee as an option until semi recently, like in the past year. Tim started drinking McDonalds iced coffee and after a few tries I started to come around to it too. Now we love iced coffee. We love everything about it except the drive to McDonalds (which means wrangling the kids into their carseats) and the cost. At a few bucks a pop it isn’t that spendy but it doesn’t take long for those few bucks to add up to a ridiculous sum.

So what is our solution to anything that we love but have sticker shock reaction to? DIY baby!

That is right. We now make our own iced coffee and it is good. So good.

We got the recipe from Pioneer Woman. A blog about a city girl turned rancher’s wife.

This is us documenting our process of iced coffee making to share with you (and so we don’t have to search for the recipe every time we want to make more!) We are regular ol’ baristas up in this house, yo! Too far? Yeah I thought so too. I just don’t have the street cred to pull off “yo.”

And on that note, here we go:

Grab your biggest pot with a lid. I use our blue camping style one. And dump in one pound of yummy ground coffee. Add 8 quarts of cold water and stir it all together so all the grounds are wet. Cover the pot and let it steep. We do this in the evening and then let it sit overnight.

Pioneer Woman says that it needs to sit for at least 8 hours. The last time we this it went for a little over 24 hours before we did the next step. Besides being stronger than normal it was still good so your window between the first step and the second is a wide one.

Then the fun (and sometimes messy) part begins.

Set a stainer over another pot and line it with lots of cheese cloth.

The more cheese cloth the better.

Then just poor your mixture into the strainer. Four hands are better than two here but 6 or 8 (Michael and Patrick like to help anytime we are in the kitchen) equal too many cooks in the kitchen.

Keep pouring and press the liquid through the “dregs” with a ladle.

do this until all the liquid is out. Then dump all the remaining dregs back into the pot you steeped the grounds in and toss it into your garden. This is where your extra sets of smaller hands really come in handy!



This is where things tend to get messy for us. Because our strainer doesn’t fit into our beverage dispenser we strain it into a pot and then poor the pot into the beverage dispenser. It adds an extra step, although a small extra step, it is this step where things tend to get messy.

after you get all that yummy coffee into your dispenser you are ready for coffee.



Fill your glass  up with lots of ice, pour the coffee into the glass about 3/4 (or a little more if you are having a rough day!) of the way and then fill the rest of the cup with milk (or in this case for Tim-  sweetened condensed milk) and if you got it (and I recommend if you don’t-go get some!) add a splash of coffee flavoring.

And there you have it. Yummy iced coffee. We mix all this up once every two weeks and I make myself a glass every day and Tim drinks it on the weekends. So for the cost of 1lb of coffee ( $8-$14 depending on the brand), cheese cloth and some flavoring syrup and milk you already have, you can have iced coffee for two weeks for under $15!

So to answer your question of how we get through days like yesterday? This is how.


4 thoughts on “How do I do it? This is how.

  1. Jess

    This iced coffee looks pretty good, and I could make it gf! So yay. But do I need to do all these steeping steps or can I just use Kyle’s coffee from his regular pot/maker and would that be just as good?

  2. Megan Post author

    You could use regular coffee but cold brewing is suppose to be the best flavor wise and lower in acidity. More info on that here: Also since you make it only once every couple weeks it really isn’t that bad. I made the straining process seem much worse than it is. If you didn’t have Tim pouring the pot it probably wouldn’t be messy at all 😉

  3. Christine

    I truly love the pioneer woman. I came across her recipe book in Walmart and then went on the blog and tried the Mac and Cheese recipe. Yum! I also saw that their was a K cup coffee maker on Woot the other day for 69 dollars. I’ve heard they are the bees knees.

  4. Jess

    I might have to watch for the K cup coffee maker–I feel like it would be worth having just to eliminate the problem of coffee grounds all over our counters.

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