5 seconds of fame

Just when I had given up on my dream of becoming famous there was a knock on our door and a man with a camera.

Last night the local Fox news team knocked on our door and asked if they could interview me about the raccoon situation. No this isn’t the beginning of a bad joke although it could be. I had no idea but I was eagerly informed by the anchor woman that there is a distemper raccoon situation here in Cottage Grove. There are sick raccoons all over and they are a danger to our dogs.

She tried to lead me into saying bad things about the cops for not letting the public know sooner and that was most of the interview was about. Not surprisingly they ended up cutting most of it out, probably because I didn’t say anything bad about our cops. What they did air a lot of was Lexi the well trained hunting dog from across the street. They asked if Lucy would go on camera and in my medicated bronchitis state I laughed out loud and told them that Lucy doesn’t like men in hats and she wouldn’t take well to the hatted camera man. If you were curious about what our neighborhood looks like all the ‘B’ roll footage is of our street.

So here it is. All 5 seconds of my star shining ever so briefly… man I wished I would have showered yesterday!

Cottage Grove Police Warn Dog Owners of Distemper Virus: MyFoxTWINCITIES.com

And here my Dad thought a Theatre Degree would be useless…

2 thoughts on “5 seconds of fame

  1. Megan Post author

    I can’t imagine that you would have been too concerned if a news reporter said that there were a bunch of dog hunting dangerous raccoons in the neighborhood 😉

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