Once Upon a Time

Tonight before bed Tim and I were desperate for a way to calm down the boys after a very rousing game of Duck, Duck, GOOSE! We came up with story time. We started by creating a “popcorn” style story where each person added a sentence to continue the story. That story had two little boys, a pork chop and a witch. The popcorn stories quickly progressed into single authored stories. This happened moments ago so I believe it is still fresh enough that I am remembering verbatim.

A story by Michael Shannon:

Once upon a time there was two adults and one boy.

One put a pork chop in the oven.

One put a cookie in the oven.

One put a pizza in the oven.

Then they ate it all.

The End.

I hope that Story Time becomes a tradition. If it does, I plan to transcribe as many as possible.

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