A week in the life – Wednesday

Wednesday mornings are similar to Mondays except that Michael goes to school too. This is one of those scheduling nightmare days where the bus picks up Michael to go to school at the same time that Patrick is suppose to be at his school in a neighboring town 15 minutes away. Everything that has been drilled into me since I was little HATES this.

If you are suppose to be there at 12, you are late if you are there at 12. Cutting it close would be showing up at 11:55. Being on time would be being there 15 minutes early. I spent years complaining about how we were always the first to sit down in the pews at church. We were embarrassingly early for concerts. We saw every minute of warm ups before a game. No one waited for us or wondered if and when we were coming. That would be rude.

Showing up 15 minutes late twice a week to school drives me crazy. Or rather I drive crazy in order to cut that time down to a more reasonable number even though I know deep down that by being 15 minutes late I am really already  30 minutes late.

BUT it is what it is and it is only free play time at preschool, so…. we are late.

This Wednesday we were later than normal though. Michael’s bus was 5 minutes late and Michael’s bus is never late. The bus that picked him up was a different bus than normal and this made Michael nervous and excited all at once. He stood at the top of the driveway weighing his excitement and nerves until excitement (along with rushed encouragement from Mom) finally won out.

You see I was already on edge because today wasn’t just free play at Patrick’s preschool, it was Picture Day and pictures started at 9:30. Not only was I 30minutes late for school but I was 15 minutes late for pictures if we were able to leave at 9:15.

Patrick looked cute.

Because of multiple helicopter moms who “volunteered” (read- needed to supervise their child so they got the best school picture possible) to help out during pictures were all crowded into the preschool room we were able to slip in inconspicuously.

Of course I had to stay and help out because you know… the other moms had selfish intentions and I could tell that the teachers were over whelmed and that I could remedy that. Plus my Photographer neighbor was taking the pics so I had to say hi. Patrick was the 7th kid photographed. He sat nice. Smiled at our neighbor.  He made some of his favorite silly faces, he made Colleen laugh and I think she got a cute shot.

Right after she took his photo Elise and I headed home. She was tired and needed a nap. Now wait. I know what you are thinking… I am no different then the above mentioned helicopter moms but that isn’t true. I see where you can draw that conclusion but we differ in so many ways… you see…

Okay yeah. I used knowing the photographer as an excuse to make sure my kid’s school picture was good. Wouldn’t you have done the same thing?! Besides, the Grandparents will now be able to proudly display a cute photo of a smiling Patrick. I wouldn’t have been able to guarantee that if I wouldn’t have hovered. So there. You are welcome.

And again, all that happened before 10am.

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