A day in the life – Thursday

On Thursdays only Michael goes to school so it is a wait for the bus day. We can be a bit lazy in morning prep on Thursdays. Thursday is the day the most look like you would expect for a SAHM (stay at home mom).

Thursdays are diaper washing day. Today I am using it as an excuse not to go to the gym. I think Monday will be a better start day. It will be 3 weeks tomorrow since I have been and I am not looking forward to going back. The first work out after a long break is killer. I am still coughing a bit but I am over the worst of it. I need to just suck it up and get back at it but I have made a very conscious decision to ride the bronchitis pity train for as long as possible.

Today we have a list of errands to run so I can’t be a complete bum. I put Elise down for her morning nap. This is becoming less and less a necessity and more and more a desperate attempt for me to sneak a few minutes of teeth brushing in before she starts to scream at me. I get Michael all packed up and ready to go and to my surprise Elise is being contently quiet. I sneak the boys out into the front yard with as little fan fare as possible and we play Mighty Machines in the leaves until the bus comes.

We say our good byes and when Patrick and I head back inside Elise is greeting us with the screams of a fawn being eaten by a coyote. And yes, I do know what that sounds like. I heard it once out at the cabin and it haunts me. Wild life is scary. I don’t hurry up to her because this scream has become her “I am done with this morning nap crap now” scream.

I walk into her room and her scream turns into a squeal. I smile, she laughs.

Then we all load up and head out for errands.

You would think that with one less kid errands would be easier but I have the wrong kid for that to be true. Errands with Elise and Michael are a walk in the park. Errands with Patrick and no Michael is like a walk at the cabin, outside, at night when a coyote is hungry.

We pick up everything we need and Patrick only tantrums during check out time so all and all the trip was a wash. I got what I needed but there was a tantrum. Can’t complain. Could have been worse.

I don’t know what it is about Patrick and Michael at a store together but Patrickk behaves so much better. Michael behaves worse when Patrick is there but Michael being bad is much easier to handle than Patrick being bad so you take the lesser of the evils.

That takes us up to 10:30am. Thursdays are good days. If I am feeling productive Thursday is the day that I can actually get stuff done. I try my best to get as much done as possible because Thursdays mean it is almost Friday and Friday night means weekend and weekend means that I have 2 days to get my sh!t in gear before it all starts over again.

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