Pre Party Day

Tomorrow Patrick turns 4 and we are going to celebrate him all day long.

I am bursting with excitement to give him his gifts and Patrick is dancing in place with the joy of not knowing what wonderful things that wait for him inside all the packages that have been coming in the mail. Being 3 almost 4 is treating Patrick pretty darn well.

We are trying something new out tomorrow. I am not sure how it will go but I think it has the possibility of becoming a really fun and special way to include the non-birthday kids. Tomorrow morning Tim is going to take Michael and Elise to Target to let  them (Michael) pick a gift for Patrick. This has to happen tomorrow because there is no earthly way that Michael could a secret for a full 24 hours.

I have his number shirt all ready to go. The gifts are wrapped. It is like Christmas Eve here – there is so much excitement in the air!


I think this will be fun because it will give Patrick some one on one time and there is nothing that boys loves more than one on one time. Michael will be apart of the gift process with out receiving a gift and Elise well… she will look pretty and probably try and eat the wrapping paper. Maybe she can help us wrap the gifts….

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