Endangered Species

Sometimes parenting Patrick is like watching one of those nature shows.

Today after Michael got on the bus and we all waved our good byes we headed in for snack and nap time. I put Elise down and came back down and in those 2 minutes a dark cloud hovered over Patrick’s previously delightful mood. I don’t know what happened in those minutes while he took off his coat and hat but something pissed him off. Sometimes it takes something as simple as having trouble unzipping his coat for him to swing into a bad mood.

I was greeted with a furrowed brow and a request for a fruit bar for snack. I pulled a fruit rope out and opened it up thinking at least it has some fruit and I didn’t want to rattle the cages of a angry animal so, whatever, let him have the snack he wants.

He immediately gets angry and stomps. That isn’t the bar he wanted. He wanted a bar not a rope and he wanted the red one. I had given him the mixed berry purple one not knowing the deadly sin I was committing. For the record, yesterday he called fruit ropes fruit bars. I told him it was already open so that is what he is getting. He proceeded to throw himself onto the floor like the little girl doing the death drop on Dance Moms. Yeah I watch Dance Moms. I watch it and love it.


Anyways… Patrick…

I gently set the fruit bar down and he says he wants the one with the red wrapper. Again, I don’t want to rattle cages so I grab a strawberry Nutrigran bar, open it up and set it on the table. Patrick gets up off the floor and peeks at the bar on the table and then screams and throws himself onto the shoe cubby bench.

This is where animal planet comes in.

I can hear the whispering (mostly likely in an Australian accent) voice over. “She slowly backs away from the wild animal being careful not to make eye contact. She backs away far enough so the animal relaxes out of the attacking stance. (voice over still whispering)  It has been 5 minutes and the animal is starting to move. She holds completly still and watches with her eyes lowered as the animal slowly creeps toward the food. The animal looks up to make sure no one is watching and tears into the food.”

That is what it is like raising Patrick. He is an unpredictable wild animal.


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