RIP Miss Madi

On my most recent Girl’s Weekend we went to the Farmer’s Market in Grand Forks where I fell in love with Miss Madi. It was love at first sight and I just knew Elise (I) had to have her. She was a handmade work of art by Red’s Attic. I loved her and I knew she would be the perfect friend to Ragedy Ann and Andy (made lovingly by Grandma Moo) who are also handmade works of art.

Elise loved Miss Madi too. They became fast friends. Miss Madi is the first doll Elise rocked like a baby.

Miss Madi has been missing for about two weeks. I rearranged Elise’s room yesterday afternoon in hopes to find Miss Madi hiding under the twin bed in Elise’s room. No such luck.

She was last photographed on Michael’s First Day of School when we walked to go pick up Michael.

While waiting for Michael’s bus to come home from school I decided to load up Patrick and Elise in the double stroller and go for a walk around the block. As we walked by our backyard neighbor’s fence I did a double take. There she was. Miss Madi. I was so excited until I realized that Miss Madi had been decapitated.


The neighbors have 3 BIG dogs. I don’t know how Miss Madi got over there. I have no idea at all. I want to go grab the head and try and create another body but I don’t know how long she has been laying in the backyard. It has been raining. People have been spraying chemicals on lawns because of bugs and broadcasting weed and feed before winter weather sets in. Plus, I know she has been chewed on by the dogs because she is missing her body!

Miss Madi you will be missed. You can see more Miss Madi pics here.


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