To answer Beth’s question

Beth Facebooked me this message (and yes Facebooked, just like Googled, is now a real word):

what happened to the whole since Tim is home playing with kids, I’ll get up pictures. I don’t think you understand my impatience when it comes to waiting for pictures!!! 😉


  • I made (and almost finished) 3 Halloween costumes
  • I put on my hazmat gear and scrubbed the main floor (the boys literal pissing ground) from bottom to walls to sink to abode.
  • I spray painted a bucket. Totally necessary. I will show you why later.
  • Tim played flight simulator with the boys because the boys have new Batman pjs with a cape and they needed to test them out.
  • Tim put a few magnetic finishing touches on the play kitchen
  • I finished the play kitchen skirt.
  • I sewed Miss Madi a body to match her head because the neighbor’s dogs ate her body
  • Tim raked the leaves in the back yard.
  • We ate every meal as a family.
  • The boys had a garden party.
  • Tim and I cleaned up after the trail of garden party dirt that was brought into the house
  • went to farmers market for beef and produce
  • went to Home Depot for spray paint
  • bought supplies to fix the slashed couch at JoAnns
  • Made a pot roast
  • clipped coupons and went grocery shopping
  • took loads of pics
  • decorated pumpkins
  • AND we managed to keep the kids alive.

I may not have pics up to prove all this yet, but I will soon. Be patient one more day. Right now just be happy that after a weekend of being productive there are still kids to take pics of –  Tim and I were both feeling the NEED for a vacation (i.e. a break from the kids for their own safety) at multiple times this weekend. Productive weekends with the kids is a recipe for self prescribed muscle relaxers!

2 thoughts on “To answer Beth’s question

  1. Beth

    Ok fine! Those are all legit reasons!! AND I can’t wait to see pictures for all of those reasons!! 😉

  2. Tim

    FYI, flight simulator wasn’t a videogame. It was literally throwing the boys at the bean bag until I got so tired that we had to play “Somebody gave daddy sleeping powder and now he can’t wake up” game. Which is just me laying on the ground while the boys try to open my eyelids.

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