10 Years Later

I just found these photos in my “upload to website folder.” I had forgot all about them. I will share them now even though they are over a month late.

When I took these photos I had plans to take time and sit down and reflect on 10 years ago. I wanted the kids to know where we were, what we were thinking and what it was like for their parents on September 11th, 2001. I wanted to take time to reflect on how we felt about America being attacked, the confusion and disbelief that spread over Jamestown College campus- over the whole country, the long lines at the gas station that night, the candle light vigil that was held that night in my freshman dorm courtyard.

I wanted the kids to know how we felt about the war then and now.

To be clear. I did dress the boys that day but I didn’t set up these shots. I don’t know if it was the firefighter sweatshirts they were wearing, seeing all the footage of the NY Firefighters on the news or Tim and I talking about the rescue efforts and the memorial that was being uncovered but something made them want to play rescue.

They sat up their trucks on the city rug and made little buildings out of legos and played firefighters.

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