Not the “Boo!” we were planning today.

Last night both Patrick and Michael got sick, “burp up” sick. They were “burp up” sick all over their room. All over.

I am holding them home from school today because I refuse to be one of those moms who sends her kids to school sick just to spread germs to otherwise healthy kids.

This means Patrick misses a full day of Halloween fun. This day of fun was going to be kick started by a costume parade.

Boo. The sad kind.

Boo. The kind that an audience shouts at a bad scene unfolding on stage.

Boo. As in boo-hoo because there will be tears and tantrums this morning.

Patrick was so pumped to show his friends his new ghost costume. Michael’s class is celebrating Halloween on Tuesday so he is only missing small group day at school.

Last night they were both as white as a ghost and I am really bummed to say that that is the closest to playing ghost that they will get today.


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