For the past few weeks the boys have taken turns, Michael more often than Patrick, feeding Lucy her scoop of food in the morning.

This chore requires a great amount of skill. The boys have to open the door to the garage, scoop up one big scoop full of dog food with the scooper, walk to the dog food dish, “CAREFULLY POUR” the food into the dish and then put the scooper back into the bin of food.

I know this doesn’t sound difficult but somedays it seems to be beyond what the boys are capable of.

A few days ago I told Michael to get Lucy her scoop of food and he went and got the food walked through the kitchen, past the food dish and into the front (Lego/play kitchen) room and bent down to pour the food into the corner before realizing that he was in the wrong room. I figure this was similar to when I run upstairs to get something and then forget what it is I am suppose to grab by the time I reach the top of the stairs.

Patrick never misses the bowl drop off point but he rarely fills the scoop even half way full. Sometimes it takes Patrick 3 trips back and forth from the dog food to the dog dish.

Today’s feeding chore takes the cake though.

Today Michael eagerly volunteered to feed Lucy. I watched him walk into the garage, grab the scoop, fill it up and then come back inside. I figured all was good from that point since he was headed into the correct room. I went back to dealing with Elise, because dealing with her is the only way to put it when she is acting like she was this morning, and forgot about the dog.

It wasn’t until a half hour later when Lucy was frantically searching for any scraps or crumbs she could find on the floor did I think to check the dog bowl.


Any of you who know Lucy at all know this, she will not eat her dog food until she absolutely has too. It is a last resort. She takes a few nibbles through out the day to stave off her hunger in between the kids dropping the good stuff on the floor. Then at night and only just before bed will she finish off her bowl of food. You know, so she can survive until morning.

So the fact that the bowl was empty meant that Michael didn’t finish the chore he started. I checked in the obvious placees that may have distracted him in the process of feeding the dog, the Lego table, the play kitchen and the bottom shelf of the book case that his candy bucket is perched on the top shelf. No dog food. I even checked the dog food bin to see if the scooper went back to the bin with the food still in it. No scooper.

I asked Michael if he fed Lucy and he said yes. He also told me this morning that he was a friendly shark so I don’t completly believe him.

Whatever happened to the scooper and the dog food is a mystery. I grabbed a tupperware container and gave Lucy her possible second scoop of food of the day and she looked at me indigently and nibbled a few bites before heading upstairs to nap on Tim’s side of our bed.


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