Halloween Favorites

Elise refusing to stand.

the look of distaste on Michael’s face. You can almost hear him thinking, “Just stand up. Look at the camera. Smile. Then we can be done and play in the leaves again!”

“Silly faces!”

Elise choosing the shovel as a prop, not a pumpkin or her trick or treat bucket… not even a rake. She wouldn’t give that thing up for anything.

Elise was asleep at this point and the boys were getting ready to go door to door hence the slightly different costumes. Gloves, extra layers and coats!

Tim snapped this one and it is my favorite one of all. I don’t now what was happening. I was inside putting on enough layers to keep me warm enough to take the boys around the block. I love everything about this photo. He is truly  happy and he looks so grown up!

And this one is so very Patrick and a classic ghostly Halloween pose. Also taken by Tim.

Sometimes I think that the kids won’t believe I was even around while they were growing up because there is so few pics of me. I like this one because I am in it! Honest truth. I now it sounds vain but it is nice to be in a photo with my boys! Either they have gotten really big since the last time I have taken a picture with them or I have gotten shorter!

cutting across the lawn. I know the neighbors don’t care because usually the boys are pushing big trucks across the lawn and they cheer them on when they do that. Besides, I over pay the oldest to watch the boys some times… they can’t complain!


Which is your favorite? Elise with a shovel? Patrick doing a scary face? Michael being a dancing construction worker? Didn’t see a favorite? Check out more here!

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