Shout Out! Steve!

Steve wins!

And for his shout out I am taking on a trip down memory lane.

This is Michael meeting his God Father, Uncle Steve. Lets be honest here, I don’t think anyone shocked me more than Uncle Steve did when meeting Michael. Uncle Steve held Michael in his arms for the first time like it was his job. He was so natural with him. Steve snuggled up Michael and held him way longer than his turn. I don’t remember who finally asked (read: told!) Steve to pass Michael to the next Shannon but it was only then that Steve was willing to hand him over.

Michael and Uncle Steve have been buds ever since their first meeting in the hospital. One of Michael’s favorite things to do with Uncle Steve is to chat it up. Talking Uncle Steve’s ear off runs a close second to his number one favorite thing to do with Uncle Steve and that is playing Minecraft with him!

“Don’t worry Mom, Uncle Steve will get rid of the Creeper for us!

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