Shout Out! Beth!

Even though she kinda cheated, Michael would be the first to point out that there was no rule against a person in the photo guessing…  So…. Beth wins!

Dialogue in the car on the way to visit Beth in her hotel room:

Patrick, “Auntie Buff is a Mom.”

Me, “No she isn’t.”

Patrick, “Yes she is.”

Me, “Fine then if she is a Mom, who are her kids?”

Patrick, “We are! Patrick, Michael and Elise too.”


Michael, “We have the same hair as Auntie Buff.”

Patrick, “Yeah. But Auntie Buff’s hair is long like mom.”

Michael, “Yeah.”

Patrick, “But Auntie Buffs hair is in a ball.”

Shout Out! to Auntie Buff, the kids most favorite stand in Mom.

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