It is official, we all like it.

check out Beth is action:

We stumbled across great seats. Elise watched Beth for most the game. I am surprised Beth could stay focused with a cutie like Elise banging on the glass trying to get her attention!

Even Tim likes hockey!

And of course the boys loved the zamboni.

It really is the perfect sport for us to love. There are popcorn and hotdogs for supper. We get to see Beth. And as Tim put it on the drive home, “The kids can be loud and messy and its okay.” I would say that it is more than okay. It is expected!

It is so much fun to go out and do something as a family that doesn’t have to do with the day to day survival of raising 3 kids and keeping up a home. Going to Target shouldn’t be our weekend “adventure” we really need to work harder at doing fun things as a family. Hockey is great for that. Especially 4pm games. Elise was to bed a bit later than normal but the boys were still in bed by 7.

Go Bulldogs!


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