15 Months Old!

The photos were taken on Oct 29 but I forgot about them with all the Halloween excitement, so here they are now.

Here is the scoop.

She still isn’t walking.

She will stand, take 3 steps max and then hit the ground and crawl at warp speed.

In these photos you will see us try and bribe her with a Reeses cup.

AND a blueberry smoothie because, you know, we are healthy and all 😉

She still wouldn’t walk. (she still doesn’t even at 15 1/2 months). She is hitting all her other milestones, she just refuses to walk.

This is the best  I could get with her and Raggedy.

Recognize the dress?

Those photos are from this post on January 5th. She was just over 5 months old. She hadn’t had her surgery yet. I guess considering all that she has been through, I can’t begrudge her too much for not walking yet. HOWEVER… if she is still not walking at 16 months, I refuse to pick her up when her knees get cold from the snow. How is that for tough love?!



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