November 15th?


I don’t know where the time has gone. We have spent most of the November fighting off the regular fall bugs. (And one self induced bug that was a result of bad decisions by me on a Girl’s Night Out- stupid Meg. I am too old to have that kind of fun!) It seems as soon as we get over the flu, one of the kids gets a fever and starts coughing… then it is only a matter of time before we are all huddled under blankets fighting off a chill and coughing into our elbow pits. Yes, elbow pits is the technical term. Coughing correctly is at the top of every teacher’s plan this fall. The boys are quick to correct anyone who doesn’t correctly cough, “BECAUSE IT WILL SPREAD GERMS!”

They say, “BECAUSE IT WILL SPREAD GERMS!” as if nothing else they do could ever spread a germ, ever. Licking toys and them putting them back in the toy bin, fine. Picking their nose and not washing their hands, no biggie. Wrestling and pawing at each other, okay. Blowing in eachother’s faces, not a problem. Coughing incorrectly- well that could contaminate the world!

Even though we are coughing correctly we are still spreading the germy love. Patrick is the carrier of the most current bug. He had a tough fever last night and has been coughing for a few days.

Today he seems to have more energy but I was still happy to Michael to school just to separate the two of them for a while.

This November has been a blur. Hopefully, since we seem to have caught everything, we will be immune to anything that will make us sick in December. I would take a sick Thanksgiving over a sick Christmas any day.


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