A few quotes from the boys while watching the the Rockettes on the Today show this morning. I wish I would have been video taping this. They were awestruck.

Michael, “I can do that when I am six. When I am six I will know how to kick my feet up.”

Patrick, “They are green and white like Bongo but they are girls”

Michael, “I can do a spin on one foot and a twirl. That’s how we do a twirly step. We just stand on one foot and spin.”

And my favorite was from Patrick when all the ladies lined up and did their high kicks:

Patrick, “That person has a lot of legs.”

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2 thoughts on “Rockettes

  1. Beth

    Michael’s right! It’s THAT simple! Glad he’s giving himself until 6 yrs old to perfect the skill! 😉

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