Haircut, we’ll call it the first

All three kids got haircuts today. Elise only had her bangs trimmed but I still think it counts. It wasn’t the first time someone took sheers to her hair but I am marking today as the day she got her first haircut anyway.And man she looks cute!

I would post a pic but she screamed through the whole 5 minutes it took to trim her bangs. She wouldn’t even sit in the chair. I had to hold her through the whole process. It is kind of my own fault. I should have known better than to wake her from the 15 minute car ride cat nap and go straight into a new situation where a stranger with a disconcertingly large and fake smile wielded sharp objects inches from her face. When I think about it from her perspective, I understand the screams of fear but we were there, so I held her still and the stylist snipped away. She did a great job, the stylist, not Elise, she even cut herself in the process because Elise zigged while she zagged but it got done and she looks super cute.

So, yeah. No photos from her first haircut.


To answer Beth’s comment: She went straight into her highchair when we got home from the haircut and then started playing a new game that she made up today… the new game is what the boys would call (because they are so clever with their game naming, more proof of that here) “How many cooked carrots can Elise shove in her ear before Mom takes the tray away?” I don’t know what she calls her little game but that is what it looks like. Needless to say she went from highchair to bath and then after bath I combed her sweet hair and put her to bed. I will try and get some pics up int the morning.


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