Empty Pie Plate

Last night I dished up Tim and I the last 2 slices of pumpkin pie. It was a sad moment. It was the sad cherry on top of scrubbing out the empty mashed potato and scalloped corn casserole dishes. The Turkey Day leftovers are almost gone. We still have turkey but all the good stuff is gone. Finishing up all the leftovers means I have to start cooking again and that our perfectly relaxing and rejuvenating 4 day weekend is over.

It is Monday morning and Patrick’s lunch is waiting to be packed into his back pack. Michael is planning his day’s activities… so far he wants to play outside and he has stated, “Mom you can take pictures of my rolling down the hill if you want.”

Thanksgiving weekend was wonderful. It was just the 6 of us on Thanksgiving. Lucy has eaten her weight in Turkey the past few days so I think we can safely count her in the tally of how many I cooked for. I didn’t do all the cooing myself. In fact, I did little all by myself. The boys “helped” prep the turkey. Tim made the scalloped corn and even helped make the pies. Elise contributed by entertaining us with her nonstop joyous babble. She is such a happy baby right now.

I have much to be Thankful for. My cup runneth over.

That said, I couldn’t be more excited at the thought of sending the boys back to school. After weeks of being sick and 4 days straight of all family all the time the boys need to be separated for their own safety. They are on each other’s last nerves. They are making each other angry just to make each other angry. I don’t know how many times I shouted, “STOP BOTHERING YOUR BROTHER!”

Yes it was a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend filled with yummy food, tree trimming, brick block towers, hot wheels and even a project or two, but I am ready to get back into our routine. I never thought I was a routine craving lady, but I am. I need some order to the chaos that 3 kids bring. And I need a cup of coffee to help me swing back into that routine… it isn’t so much a swing, it is more of a crash in the form a messy ponytail, bleary eyed, sweatpants clad stumble into PreSchool drop off.

Whatever I am wearing or feeling, Monday is here and even though I am exhausted I am happy it is here.

Happy Monday and I will do my best to get photos up by this afternoon… it all depends on how long Michael wants to play “Take pictures of me rolling down the hill!”

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