Thanksgiving, and “leftovers”

Meg cooked an amazing meal this Thanksgiving, but she did have some help:

I was put in charge of two simple things.  The pumpkin pie filling, and the scalloped corn.  The pumpkin pie filling ended up having way too much condensed milk in it, so Meg had to creatively add some additional pumpkin she had lying around, and the scalloped corn mysteriously took an additional hour and a half to cook.  I still have no idea what I did wrong there.

While everything was cooking, the boys patiently waited for the “big supper”.

And of course the day after stuffing ourselves silly, we put up Christmas decorations on “decorate day” as Michael put it.  I’m pretty sure Thanksgiving is just that day that comes before Christmas decorate day for Michael.

Elise took down the ornaments about as fast as we could put them up.


And finally we stuffed ourselves again on leftovers.

That is, most of us did.

Michael is an incredibly picky eater.  The complete opposite of Patrick and Elise wherein we have to tell them what they can’t eat, instead of what they have to.  Michael firmly refused to eat any of the Turkey because “it was too stringy”.  So Meg, not to be thwarted by the resolute logic of a 5 year old, did something I was incredibly impressed by….



She very simply made the turkey not “stringy”.

And sure enough, after all that, the kids ate their “leftovers”.

Many more pictures in the gallery.


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving, and “leftovers”

  1. Megan

    I love the photo of Patrick on Tim’s shoulders hanging up the star. So funny. He was hanging on for dear life!

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