December Photo Project- Day One

Or as the cool kids call it, DPP.

My cousin by marriage and fellow blog enthusiast, Rebecca, started the DPP a few years ago. Yesterday on facebook she publicly called me out and wrote, “Hey Megan. You, my dear cousin-by-marriage, should join the December Photo Project. Just sayin’. :)”

So here I am cracking under peer pressure from the powers of the internets.

Readers Digest version of what this is all about? A bunch of bloggers post a photo a day from December 1st – Christmas Day. So basically signing up has committed me to post a photo for you everyday. In return I get to challenge myself to try and take a photo worth posting everyday. Not a bad deal, eh? For more info of what the DPP is read here. You can also check it out by clicking on the DPP button on the left sidebar of the website. That button will be there all month. Check it out. Others much more skilled at the art of photography will also be partaking in the project.

I have owned my camera, Canon Power Shot SX10IS, for 3 years now and while I have skimmed the manual I have yet to really dig in and learn how to use it. In the next 25 days expect to see shots of me testing out RAW, depth of field, night time shots, the art of taking a photo of a kid running through a badly lit house and more that I won’t know about until I actually read the manual!

For now and until I get some coffee in me, here is what I got. This morning we woke up to snow. Yesterday no snow. Today, December 1st, snow. Even Mother Nature knows ‘Tis the Season. The boys were excited to see the snow but what made them shout with joy was when Lucy took those first steps outside and made, “FOOTPRINTS!”

Of course immediately after the dog went out and made FOOTPRINTS the boys started eagerly chatting about snow boots, snow pants, hats, mittens…. everything a mother dreads about winter. The layers and layers of clothes needed to just get them out the door. I won’t complain too much about this because the boys are much more self sufficient this year then they were last year. Right now I am excited to see them throw themselves on the ground and make snow angels. I can’t wait for them to attempt to make a snowman. I smile thinking about them racing around the yard looking over their shoulder at their FOOTPRINTS!

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