DPP – day six

ISO setting. So as I promised myself I am using the DPP to learn to use my camera. In these photos I adjusted the ISO setting so my photo could be less blurry. In return for the sharper image I get a grainier image.

Its a trade off… No blur of clapping hands but the graininess makes the image… grainy. (Elise was up a lot last night, Patrick has a fever and the direct result is that my vocabulary dropped by 20%)

What do you think is better? Blurry image or grainy image?

I feel that it is important to add that these were as far from posed as possible. Elise has recently fell in love with that blue chair that was mine when I was her age. She also has become an extreme sport snuggler. She dives at things – dolls, people, blankets with a fearlessness that could injure her in a serious way and latches onto them and loves them up real good. She rubs her face on them. Smothers them in open mouth  kisses. Squeezes them with a python like grip. I have a feeling that as she grows she will have an intensity about her that will be matched by very few of her peers. Lets hope that she uses that intensity for good rather than evil.

6 thoughts on “DPP – day six

  1. Christine

    I envy your ambition. I was trying to take Christmas shots yesterday and I had a certain way I wanted them to look in my mind. I got so mad. I realized no matter how much I read about photography I truly have no idea how to use my camera to its full potential.

  2. Megan Post author

    I get that Christine! I so get that. I always have a image in my head, it never happens. Kids are impossible to photograph. I think I am going to start only photographing bowls of fruit!

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