Yeah, I kind of skimmed over December on the 2011 Year in Review. I left it out because there were not that many posts because I hadn’t uploaded photos because we were all so sick that when we finally did start feeling better, the amount of photos that needed to be edited, uploaded and posted was overwhelming. Very much like the laundry that has piled up and needs to be washed, folded and put away. Ah the plight of the twenty-first century stay at home mom. Blogging and laundry… a never ending cycle that you can never completely check off the list. And man checking stuff off a list sure feels good….

Reading excuses isn’t why you stopped by our little corner of the internet, nope. I know why you stopped by – you stopped by to check and see if the photos from Christmas are up. Am I right? I kinda teased you by adding the winter 2012 header up top, didn’t I?

Well before I put up the photos from Christmas, here are some of the other photos that sat on our sd card for far too long.

Feels like forever ago that we applauded Patrick for his Holiday Program.

I wish you all could have been there to see his smooth moves during “Snowkie Pokie”

*I didn’t ask permission from the parents to post photos of the other kids so I blurred them out. Some people think the whole blogging thing exploits children… obviously we are not those “some people!”

more photos of Patrick as I exploit his childhood, here.

We got our first – and only thus far – big snow mid December and while it didn’t last long (most neighbors didn’t even bother shoveling their driveways) we took advantage of the warm snowy day, got all winter geared up and headed outside.

More photos of us making footprints, snow angels and Elise face planting here.

Michael and Tim bonded over computers.

More of our future geek building robots, here.

The kids and I spent a couple ours making the sorriest looking batch of sugar cookies ever. It was messy but oh so fun.

sugar induced photo coma, here.

After a call to my mom and her tapping into her Car Seat Specialist’s vast knowledge of how to keep kiddos safe, Tim and I (Tim did the installing, I did the shopping) upgraded the boys to high back boosters seats. And in an act completely opposite of safe, I scaled the piles of bins and boxes in the hole in the wall/some day will be a small basement bathroom that stores all of the kid’s out grown junk stuff and dug out the bin of chunky puzzles. Elise loves them. She thanks my dangerous adventure by smiling and giggling while trying to jam a cow into a barn.

more puzzling safety pics here.

An IKEA trip for Zeke and Zach’s Christmas presents lead to the purchase of a gingerbread house kit. Messy fun ensued, again. That seems to be a theme in our house.

More “You can eat sprinkled but you CAN NOT eat glitter” pics, here.

And of course a few randoms from around the house……… here!

Thanks to an early confirmation letter from Santa that yes, he indeed know that Michael wanted a Log Grabber Machine and that Patrick did for sure NEED a Toy Story Garbage Truck the anticipation was at an all time high when we finally went out and sprinkled the reindeer food for Rudolf and his gang!

More magic and wonder of Christmas pics here.

And that takes us up to Christmas. We only had four Christmases this year, down one from last year but we still managed to fill the van to max capacity. Christmas pics coming soon.





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