As promised, we are giving a prize to the top commenter. Now this prize has nothing to do with quality and everything to do with quantity. So don’t worry about being insightful when leaving a comment. A smiley face or a quick, “Patrick looks like Trouble with a capital T!” is all you need.

Top Commenter of 2011- Beth!

See. Told you – quantity not quality is the name of the game. Sorry Beth couldn’t resist. We appreciate your comments. We really do.

We appreciate them so much so that…

You win a $20 gift card to Shutterfly! May I suggest a calendar made up of photos of Lucy? Nothing better than a photo of our thyroid challenged mutt to greet you every morning as you check your daily agenda!

As you can see on the right sidebar, the Top Commentator widget has been reset. 2012 is a new year. Beth may have won last year, but as of January 1st the stats were cleared and it is now anyone’s game. Nama is in the lead with one. See… anyone’s game!

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