Organization help please


I am looking for cereal/dry goods containers similar to these but I would like them to be more space efficient (see how these are tapered so they waste space?) Also these barely hold a bigger sized box of cereal.
Anyone know where I can get something like that?

3 thoughts on “Organization help please

  1. jess

    I have seen good ones at Target and at Bed Bath and Beyond.

    I read your tweet about Type As and clean houses. My house is definitely not very organized these days; I think it’s possible we do not have cleaner houses, but just worry about it a lot! =)

  2. Megan Post author

    Yeah there is little worry about a clean house, unless someone is coming over then the Type A that I work very hard to bury comes out in spades!
    Thanks Steve for the link! That looks like it could handle a Sams Club size bag of cereal:)

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