Water Baby


She loves the water. She was a little too fearless. She didn’t blow bubbles or crawl out of the pool “elbow elbow knee knee” style like the instructor was instructing her to do. However she did dunk her head under the surface multiple times and drink more chlorine water than is probably healthy for her.
She loved it. Every one of the 30 minutes we were in the pool.
The whole way home she signed hunger and screamed at me for not obliging her simple request.
Next week I pack a snack for the ride home. Are goldfish crackers a palatable pairing with chlorine?

One thought on “Water Baby

  1. Beth

    Some trail mix would be good for her. good post-swim food! a banana! She loves bananas. She’ll gain all the right nutrients back from what she lost! Maybe some chocolate milk when she gets home! 😉 Babies are still athletes!!

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