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Elise is LOVING the “Year in Review: 2011” home movie.

The movie is a little over 2.5 hours of photos and home videos. A little excessive? Probably. Is it worth the hours of work Tim and I put into selecting photos and editing videos to create this movie? Absolutely.

3 thoughts on “Home movies

  1. Christine

    I kind of feel bad for Michael. He has no stars on his side of the board. Patrick has tons of stars.

  2. Jess

    I noticed that too, Christine. I was also thinking that maybe Elise was trying to get on the chart by promoting the movie.

  3. Megan Post author

    I love you ladies! I can’t wait to see you.
    I started replying to this and it got way to long… I will write a post. 🙂
    I love you guys check the website. 2 weeks in counting!

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