Mommy Costume


This morning Michael had an evaluation with a private OT and it was my goal to walk into that office looking like a conifdent capable Mama. In order to play that role I put on a sweater vest thing and an earth toned T that was a Christmas present from my mom – who is the epitome of confident and capable.

If you look past the messy bathroom (it is the only place in the house where I can get a full length photo because we don’t have a full length mirror. Yeah that’s right- when getting ready to go out for a night I stand on the edge of the tub in the kids’ bathroom in glittery stilettos and give my dress a once over. Many tights or no tights debates have taken place on the edge of that tub!) you can see almost the whole outfit. I even put on my wedding ring which I don’t usually wear because the last thing I want is cracker crumbs and poop caked into my ring. The only thing that is missing in the photo are my leather boots. Michael reminded me that it is against the rules to wear boots in the house so I had to take them off and put them in their assigned cubby.

Anyways… the meeting went well and I have not felt this optimistic in a very long time.

I think the outfit worked.

Thanks Mom!

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