The Art District

Tim and I fell in love with living in the cities all over again yesterday.

Tim’s Birthday is this coming Wednesday and unlike his usual reply to the “What do you want for your Birthday?” questions, this year he actually wanted something instead of nothing.

I jumped at the chance to shop- silently crossing my fingers that it wasn’t some obscure computer component that can only be bought on line. Finger crossing worked because what he wanted was a new office chair.

Six years ago when we were in Bismarck Ben brought us two office chairs that his office no longer needed. We have been using those chairs ever since and they worked well until a few months ago when Tim’s chair started to sink over time. Tim started a night at the computer with his chair at a comically high position and by the end of the night he would be almost eye level with his keyboard. My chair was still holding up pretty good but it doesn’t have arms and since Tim’s was on its last leg- we figured mine wasn’t far behind.

So the hunt for two computer chairs that fit all of Tim’s wants and needs and my design esthetic began.

Do you know how expensive office chairs are? It is ridiculous. You would think that they were constructed out of gold and upholstered in the finest of silk spun by worms that fed exclusively on caviar.

See what I mean?

I gave up quite quickly on the idea of matching orange modern chairs that would coordinate with our office decor. The dream of a completely designed office retreat is not nearly as important as say feeding my kids lunch or putting gas in the car.

There are plenty of affordable options at places like Sams Club or Target but we wanted something of better quality that could take hours of Zombie killing and sewing with the occasional spinning contest between the boys.

So how could we buy a good quality office chair with out breaking the bank?

And where can you buy used office furniture?

Furnish Home & Office.

Where is Furnish Home & Office?

NorthEast Minneapolis Art District!

We have never been down in that area of the cities before and I am not ashamed to admit that it made me wish that Tim and I were still young and kid-less living in the cities.  Kids age you, and even though Tim is just days from 29, we feel more like we are 39.

The Art District is building after building of old converted factories that are now hip museums and artist’s shops.

Furnish Home & Office is a HUGE converted warehouse/factory filled with used furniture. I wish we would have know about that place when we first moved into our home. There were fantastic vintage industrial lockers that would look way cooler than our IKEA hooks and storage shelves we use to hang coats and store shoes near the garage door entrance. If we hadn’t bought a cheap filing cabinet a few months ago Tim would have loaded a HUGE vintage bright blue filing cabinet into the van along side the two chairs we ended up taking home.

There were hundreds of chairs to choose from and the boys and Elise loved every minute of being in that store. They tested out every chair for spinablity.

We ended up choosing two chairs that were in good condition that had all the bells and whistles. The fabric desgin/color isn’t what I would have wanted but they are comfy and they spin great.

Happy Birthday Tim. I hope that Zombies are killed in a much more comfortable environment from now on.

pics to come.



4 thoughts on “The Art District

  1. Megan Post author

    Ha! This place didn’t have that distinct smell that comes with furniture from “upstairs” Besides it would have cost us double in gas just to get to the Minot 🙂 Believe me though- the “upstairs” was my first thought!

  2. Jess

    Hey-you could reupholster them! Maybe we should check out the district next wkd if you feel like a trip back so soon.

  3. Megan Post author

    I am up for anything that gets me out of the house for a bit but equally so I am pumped to curl up in front of crap TV in pajamas and gossip with cocktails!
    You two can’t get here quick enough!

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