The dogs didn’t weather the storm so well last night, not unlike the other Bulldogs we know who’s season ended this past weekend.

Thank goodness for the sanitize setting on our washer. At least our dogs are ready for another round of fun and cuddles after the rinse cycle.

Elise loves those dogs. I don’t know which brother gifted his dog to Elise but I doubt that it will be more than a week before she adopts the third bulldog as her own.

Too bad I can’t put Elise through the sanitize cycle and have come out good as new 120 minutes later.. Poor girl. I think her fever is breaking though because she is starting to whine and complain again and she is a sweaty stinky mess both of which are a welcome change from the over heated, sluggish mute of this morning.

Tonight I will put her in the tub for her own toddler version of suds, rinse and repeat.

Fingers crossed that a bath does her as much good as it did her bulldogs.

2 thoughts on “Bulldogs

  1. Tim

    I seem to remember a certain stuffed dog in college that got similar treatment from you…

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