Got Lucky!

I am going to take a break from bragging/complaining about my kids and throw all humbleness out the window and tell you how awesome I am.

Yesterday, St. Patrick’s Day 2012, I participated in the Get Lucky 7K. Not only did I participate, I finished!


7K is 4.34 miles. Or as Tim kept telling the boys, “Mommy ran SEVEN THOUSAND METERS!”


I won’t get into the specifics about how I flipped off my marathon running friend (she is the one who talked me into all this) at the 5K mark when we turned the corner and all the sudden there was a HUGE STEEP bridge that stood between me and the final 2K. I wont tell elaborate on how my toes went numb the last 3K and I had to stop and shake out my foot on the side of the road like I was doing some sort of Hokey Pokie dance. I will however brag about, even though I had to slow to a walk 3 times (one was for the water break) I still finished before 1,875 other runners… I won’t dwell on the fact that even though I beat 1,876 runners there were a total of 8,782 runners so- well- you do the math.

I didn’t win, even though when Michael asked me if I did, I lied and told him I won – Hey don’t judge. I got a medal for participating and that medal was all the proof Michael needed to believe that his Mom is the fastest. My friend and her husband are fans of the boys so they generously gave the boys their medals.

It was fun. I learned a whole lot. Some of the things that I learned:

  • Running on a treadmill is much easier than running on the street.
  • Even though Old Navy says their shirts are wicking and duo-dry and will keep you cool- they do not. At all.
  • Do not tie your shoes too tight, your feet will go numb.
  • Do not start out too fast. 4.34 miles is a long way.
  • NEVER EVER drink more than one glass of water at the water station- you will get a side stitch and your belly will slosh.
  • Pig tails with green bows maybe festive and fit with the St. Patty’s day theme but they will bug the hell out of you when they rub against your neck and get in your face.
  • Everything bugs the hell out of you when you run.
  • Turn up your music as loud as possible- drown yourself in Adele and “Do you hear the people sing” (Yeah- I run to show tunes; I am just that cool!)
  • I will never wear a sweatshirt with more pride. The gear is worth every stride it takes to finish the race.
  • There is a camaraderie between runners. I am sure there are competitive, cut throat runners out there but even the people that finished 20 minutes before me were high fiving me at the finish line. Everyone cheers on everyone and no one is judged. It is quite wonderful.
  • the whole endorphin thing isn’t a myth.
  • And finally, It is so wonderful to have someone to greet you at the end of the race. Tim loaded up the kids, drove them down town to the chaos of Minneapolis on St. Patty’s Day and was waiting for me at the end of the race. Major points scored.

Those are just some of the lessons I learned and hopefully I am able to apply them to my next run which is a 10K on April 28th and more importantly I hope that the gear is a cute as the Get Lucky gear was!

Oh and one final lesson learned- Pizza Luce tastes a 7,000 times better after running a 7K!



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